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  What do you mean is it part of your CBT!!?, stefan says put your wheel in the air i think Flooded?           it's more like ***** drowned!


Hi my name is Tony and I’m one of the instructors at Cardiff motorcycle school teaching C.B.T., D.A.S. and Post Test Training. I have been riding since the age of 17 but took a few years out to raise a family. I then started my motorcycling purely as a hobby by chance I wandered into the office of CSM when they were residing in City Road, Cardiff where I first meet Stef and passed my bike test. A few years later I meet up with Stef at Cardiff motorcycle school and he helped me to become an instructor. I helped out on the weekends and during the week when my ‘real’ job in a Casino. 
This continued for a few years during which time I undertook my qualification at Cardington which I successfully passed. I then went on to pass my qualification to instruct D.A.S. Again a few years passed and to my delight was invited to work full time for Cardiff Motorcycle School which I eagerly agreed to. Since that time I have met and taught quite a few characters with whom we have had a good laugh regardless of the weather (rain don’t stop play!!) and had quite a few coffee and fag breaks(of which I stopped smoking 3 years ago). I am dedicated to improving your riding and bike handling skills and showing you how to pass your test with confidence. My standards are higher than that of a D.S.A. examiner and my patience knows no bounds, as no matter how many times you make the same mistake you will get better. Remember its practice that makes perfect, I look forward to seeing you.

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