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For our sixteen year olds:

You can hold a provisional licence if you are at least sixteen . It entitles you to ride a moped (50cc) on the road as a learner with L plates. You must not carry passengers or use motorways and display L plates front and rear .

Your provisional licence is only valid while you hold a current C.B.T.certificate (DL196) to show you have completed compulsory basic training (C.B.T.) course. The C.B.T. certificate is valid for two years from the date of issue.

If you have taken your C.B.T.on  a moped (this is catagrie AM on your licence) it is also valid for motorcycles (this is catagrie A on your licence) as long as you are seventeen and have the cataagrie A on your licence.

If you also take your theory and the two part test on your moped you will be allowed to take passengers and take the L plates off, but you will not be aloud to ride more than a moped. 

For our seventeen year olds and older:

You can only hold this licence if you are at least seventeen years old.  It entitles you to ride a moped or a motorcycle as a learner with L plates.  You may practice unaccompanied on a learner motorcycle after you have completed a C.B.T course.  You MAY NOT carry pillion passengers or use motorways. 

If you have passed a car test before 1st February 2001, you are automatically entitled to ride a moped without L-plates and without taking a C.B.T (although it is recommended that you do take the course).  If you passed a car test on or after that date, you will still receive full moped entitlement but will need to complete C.B.T. before riding on the road.  The C.B.T. certificate issued to you is then valid for the duration of your car driving licence while riding a moped only.







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